• Max working height: 23 m
  • Lifting Capacity: 230 kg
  • Max outreach: 15.1 m / 11.3 m
  • Weight: 3460 kg


The DINO230VT 3.5t vehicle-mounted lift is easy to drive and has a low total cost of operation. It features three jacking options including narrow, wide and one sided, with automatic leveling capabilities. Smooth transitions within the working envelope improves operator comfort. The hydraulic basket offers easy entry with a 180°rotation and remote start/stop functionality.

Standard Features

  • Cost-efficient in use and easy to drive with a B-class driver’s license
  • Three jacking options: narrow, wide and one-sided, automatic levelling
  • Easy-entry basket with non-slip stairway
  • Hydraulic basket rotation 180°
  • Up to 3 simultaneous boom movements
  • Home and memory functions as standard features
  • DINO CAN-BUS control system: intuitive controls
  • Bumper and cabin protection, auto-detect boom position
  • Smooth transitions within the working envelope: operator comfort
  • Rental proof: well-protected components
  • Remote start/ stop from the basket
  • Automatic variable load dependent engine RPM

Additional information

Max Working Height

28.00 m

Max Platform Height

26.00 m

Max Working Outreach

16.00 m

Support Width

4.6 / 4.2 m

Lifting Capacity

230 kg

Basket Size

0.7 x 1.3 m

Boom Rotation


Basket Rotation


Boom Control

CAN-BUS, proport.


1.6 m / 140°

Transport Length

5.82 m

Transport Width

2.05 m

Transport Height

2.37 m


4860 kg

Approach / Departure Angles


Ground Clearance

0.33 m

Four Wheel Drive


Steering, 2WS / 4WS / Crab


AC socket in the basket x 2


Diesel engine Kubota 18.5 kW


Electric motor 110/230VAC


Automatic Levelling




Drive Speed

10.0 / 3.0 km/h


  • LED flood working lights in the basket
  • 12 V and USB power outlets in the basket
  • Outrigger pads and brackets, 400 x 400 mm with a collar, including brackets for transport
  • LED markers on each outrigger cover
  • Insulated basket
  • Tools and harness box in the vehicle frame
  • Open top frame cargo area

Outreach Diagram

DINO 230VT Outreach Diagram

DINO 230VT Outreach Diagram


All Dinolift machines are built to the highest standards and we carry out rigorous quality checks at every stage of production. To ensure our customers have peace of mind in purchasing Dinolift products, all Dinolift machines come with a five-year structural warranty, plus a two-year warranty for parts and labour. Ahern Ibérica provides nationwide coverage for any warranty or technical support required in Spain. For more details, visit our warranty page.

Note: Specifications are subject to change without notice. Photos and diagrams on this website and within downloadable materials are for promotional purposes only. Refer to appropriate Snorkel operators manual and Dinolift operators manual for detailed instructions on the proper use and maintenance.

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