• Capacity: 2.82t x 1.4m
  • Max lifting height: 8.7m
  • Max working radius: 8.205m x 0.15t
  • Machine weight: 1,995kg


The MC285CB-3 is the very first fully electric powered mini crane from Maeda. With absolute zero emissions it can safely be used in sensitive indoor environments, and when regulations need to be achieved. Improved energy efficiency and productivity as well as reduced ventilation needs and maintenance costs are some of the benefits beyond the clear environmental aspect. Equipped with a strong and fast charging lithium-ion battery from Toshiba, it provides zero emissions and still equals its predecessor in both operation speeds and lifting capacity.

The crane can be operated for up to a full working day if charged during operation, and it is fully charged in only 3,5 hours. Since operation is possible while charging it facilitates the use and delivers minimum downtime. Welcome to the green way of lifting.

The crane capacity and operating speeds have not been compromised since it equals the regular MC285C-3. The battery-operated MC285CB-3 has a maximum capacity of 2.82 ton x 1.4m. Maximum lifting height on the ground is 8.7m and the maximum working radius is 8.205m x 0.15t. All this is packed in this innovative piece of engineering that only weighs in at 1995kg. As always with products from Maeda we can expect the highest quality and reliability together with great guarantees.

  • 2.82t Max Capacity
  • 8.7m Max Lifting Height
  • Lithium-ion Battery with long life
  • Minimal charging time & continuous operation while charging
  • Multi Outrigger Positions
  • Crane/Outrigger Interlock System
  • 7” Display
  • HBC Radio Remote Control
  • Working Limit Settings
  • Programmable Moment Limiter
  • Data Logger & Tilt Alarm
  • White rubber tracks as standard
  • 4/2 Fall Hook Block

Additional information

Crane Capacity

2.82t x 1.4m

Max. Working Radius

8.205m x 0.15t

Max. Lifting Height


Max. Reach Below Ground

10.1m (4 falls) / 40.4m (single fall)

Outrigger Max. Extended Width

(Lat.) 4,782mm x (Fr.) 4,718mm x (Re.) 3,990mm

Travel Speed


Travel Ground Pressure

50.2kpa (0.512kgf/cm2)

Battery Type

Lithium Titanate Battery

5-hour rate capacity

DC55V – 135Ah

Input Voltage / current

Single phase AC200V / 16A, AC100V / 15A

Charging time (with AC-200V)

80% : 2h 20min / 100% : 3h 30min

Operating time (crane)

up to a full working day, if charged during operation

Charging during operation

Available, Black rubber tracks, Single fall hook, 850kg searcher hook.


2,800mm (L) x 750mm (W) x 1,470mm (H)

Machine Weight


Note: Specifications are subject to change without notice. Photos and diagrams on this website and within downloadable materials are for promotional purposes only. Refer to appropriate Snorkel operators manual and Dinolift operators manual for detailed instructions on the proper use and maintenance.

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